Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms(pilocybin) were first originated in Mexico before Colombus even arrived. They were once used for spiritual reasons because those people thought that they could talk to the gods with it. Mushrooms are considered a hallocinogen which makes you seem like you see different colors and 3D effects. You inject mushrooms and they take about 5 to 10 mintues to kick in and can last several hours.

Way of Dealing and Coping:

Many people don't always know how to deal with Mushroom abuse. Some people that have extreme problems to the point where they have to be sent to rehab and different houses that take poeple in and help them recover from the addiction and help them stay away from the temptation of injecting Shrooms. You can also just talk to a friend or loved one about advice on stopping and geting help. Having Above the Influence commercials can prevent and give out information about the drug ad to stay away from it. Your school guidence counsler may also have some helpful tips about dealing with mushroom abuse. The best way of having to deal with a situation like this is to not have done the drug in the first place.


Mushrooms have many different names. The Official names are Magic Mushrooms and Psilocybin. The street names are Mushrooms, Shrooms, Caps, Liberty Caps, Silly Putty, Purple Passion, Simple Simon, Boomers, Musk, Mexican Mushrooms, Little Smoke, God's Flesh and Hippieflip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If it's natural then is it safe? No, just because the drug is natural doesn't mean its safe for you to take. Where was it first originated? It was first found in Mexico hence one of the street names being Mexican Mushrooms. How long does the drug last? After you inject the drug and it kicks in it can last for an hour to several hours. Does it have long term effects? There no long term physical effects but there is long term mental effects that can take a toll on your emotions.


Depending on the amount of Mushrooms that you inject, namy different reactions may occur. Physical effects are not long term but may have severe reactions. Some physical effects may incude increase in heart rate, elevation in blood pressure, loss of appetite, nausea, extreme coldness, yawning, muscle relaxation, pupil dialation and swollen features. Changes in sight, audio and tactile can become noticable between 5 minutes to an hour after injection. The emotional effect of the drug mostly depends on your surroundings. If your in a bad environment then the experience might not be a very good or enjoyable one. If your in a positive environment then your most likely to have a better experience while on the drug.

More Information:

Librarys and Internet sites like are very reliable sourses for finding more information about Mushrooms and other types of drugs. They give information and advice from experts that have studied in that specific field for years. Places like the Renessance House keep people that have first on experience with that drug. By going there you can hear many stories about what the drug has done to them and how it has effected them and their loved ones. Groups and rehab centers also have people that have experienced the drug and know what its like when you inject the drup and how it also effected them.

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By: Hannah, Amy, Lucas and Kim